Banasura Sagar Dam – hydel tourism at its best

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Banasura Sagar Dam named after Banasura (the son of Mahabali, the mythical ruler of Kerala) is situated at the foot of the Banasura Hill in Padinjarathara, Wayanad district, Kerala State, South India. This is the largest earthen dam (the dam is made up of massive stacks of stones, rocks, boulders, soil) in India and the second largest in Asia (the largest in Asia being Tarbela Dam on the Indus River in Pakistan). Its built along the river of Karamanathodu, a tributary of the Kabini river.

This is a big tourist attraction for trekking and boating. In the dam’s reservoir there is a set of islands that were formed when the reservoir submerged the catchment areas. This forms a rather unique and beautiful view.

Photos or Pictures of Banasura Sagar Dam

Banasura Sagar Dam

View of Banasura Sagar Dam catchment area

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