Cell phone signal boosters

Cell phone signal boosters, including wireless repeaters and inline cell phone boosters or cell phone amplifiers, extend cellular service in poor coverage areas by amplifying both transmit and receive signals. These cell signal booster amplifiers reduce problems with dropped calls and signal fades while improving service range, voice quality and access. These multi-mode amplifiers are designed to offer a cost-effective solution for use in buildings and mobile installations.

Cell phone repeaters are an emerging technology of bi-directional cellular amplifiers. If you are suffering from weak cellular signal, then a cellular repeater system can help you by improving the cellular reception that you experience. It does this in two ways:

1. A cellular repeater system will include an antenna which sits outside your building, where the cellular signal is stronger, and feeds this strong signal into your building through a low loss cable.

2. The cellular repeater system actively boosts this signal through the bi-directional amplifier. It is a bi-directional amplifier because both incoming and outgoing signals are boosted.

After a rocky start, cellular repeater technology has much improved and now there are a variety of repeaters which are licensed by the FCC, the body which monitors the communications industry. Be sure to look for this endorsement when buying a repeater, but rest assured that all cellular repeaters from the established manufacturers such as Wilson Electronics, Clear Voice and Wi-Ex zBoost have this accolade included. Cellular Repeaters come in a number of different flavors e.g.. In-Vehicle versions, Large building versions and standard home/small office versions.

Cellular Repeaters (Wireless)

Wireless boosters improve the cell signal for multiple users simultaneously without a physical connection to the phone or device. Models are available for vehicle, home, office, RV and marine applications. Amplifiers are available both standalone and as part of complete repeater kits.

Inline Boosters (Direct Connect Amplifiers)

Inline boosters connect directly to a cell phone or cellular data card providing improved signal to a single user at a time. When combined with the appropriate cellular antenna they provide optimum cellular signal enhancement.

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