Home Theater Seating

Whether you have just installed a fancy new home theater in a box from Denon or Sony, or you are simply excited about a more comfortable and ergonomic TV watching experience, here are some tips for constructing an ideal home theater seating setup. First, bear in mind that there are numerous types of seats, including rockers, loungers, and traditional furniture adapted to theater watching.

Typically, single and dual chairs are often priced higher than rows (three pieces or more interlocked) because it is easier (per unit) to mass-produce theater seating. Legacy theater seats can be bolted to the floor using butterfly screws, such as the Tapcon screw. Loungers and rockers can be moved around for your viewing convenience.

Where should you set up your home theater seating? Experts recommend taking a measurement of the diagonal length of your HDTV or movie screen. Double this length, and then measure from the base of your screen out into the viewing area. Center your seating. Once you have made these measurements, connect your audio system accordingly, so that you do not distort the sound field by putting any one speaker too close to the sitting area.

Once you have decided your sweet spot, it is time to shop fabrics and consider ergonomic choices. Leather, suede, and velour fabric options are all available. Assembling, un-boxing, and installing your own theater seats can take at least half a day, so be prepared to invest the time. Since there are practically no showrooms in the world designed to house theater seats, your best bet is to find well-priced theater furniture on the Internet.

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