If you are into faucets for your home, you should look into Danze faucets. They are a relatively new company having only been introduced by the Globe Union America Corporation in 2000. While they may be the ‘new kids on the block’, Danze has already proven itself a worthy contender with creative designs and top quality workmanship to rival many other leading manufacturers. The youth of the brand means they have the advantage of a fresh and modern outlook on design as well as factories equipped with the latest technologies helping to produce state-of-the-art faucets.

A combination of modern technology, innovation and creativity has given Danze faucets the edge they needed to get ahead in a competitive market. The company motto ‘life is too short for boring faucets’ can certainly be seen in all of their products. They are always on the forefront of trends and are constantly developing and researching their new, innovative designs.

Danze has made improvements in water efficiency, which saves 40% of water used as compared to conventional faucets. Danze faucets meet WaterSense standards and because of this and their quality products Danze has been recognized as a 2009 Innovation Award Winner by Home Builder Executive!

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