HaboTest HT206D Clamp Meter Review – Feature Rich at a Small Budget

79 / 100

HaboTest HT206D is a clamp meter that I have been using for quite some time now. So I guess that its now time to write a good comprehensive review about it.

Its manufactured by Dongguan Habotest Instrument Technology Company Ltd, St. Liheng Village, QingXi Town, Dongguan, China. They are manufacturers of quite different types of measuring instruments.

I bought the meter via the Chinese site AliExpress. This was purchased by a friend (Sarath Chandran) for me before I had an account in AliExpress.

This came along with one set of probes, temperature sensor, manual and a carry case.

Now there are 3 clamp meters by HaboTest in the HT206 series. These are A, B and D.

I bought the D version because this is able to measure the DC current using the clamp. The other two models can only measure AC current using the clamp.

For my purpose measuring DC cuurent is very important as I have to check the battery charging/discharging in inverters and automobiles. AC Clamp meters won’t work well for my purpose.

I bought this one because my earlier Mastech MS2101 Digital AC/DC Clamp Meter was damaged. Its clamp is not measuring properly. I had dropped it accidently – so clamp is damaged.

Advantages of HaboTest HT206D

– Feature wise, this is one of the best clamp meters available at a small budget. You should be able to get this in AliExpress at around 2000 to 2500 Rupees.

– As usual it has the ability to measure voltage upto 600V (both AC and DC), current upto 600A (both AC and DC using clamp), Continuity, Resistance (upto 60 MOhm), Capacitance (upto 100 mF), Frequency upto 10MHz (another important option that I need), Temperature etc.

– Besides this it has various other features like Data Hold, NCV (Non-Contact Voltage) Detection, Back Light, Flash Light (both back light and flash are a nessasity in the dark), Auto Power Off etc.

Disadvantages of HaboTest HT206D

– This meter uses 2 no:s of AAA batteries. I feel that this isn’t lasting that much. I am finding that I have to change them too often for my liking. I have even tried using DuraCell Alkaline batteries – they too aren’t lasting that long.

– The included probes wasn’t of good quality. Got damaged easily. So using different set of leads now.

– Warranty – This could be an issue. Sending it back for replacement (if they provide me with one) might cost me more than buying a new one.


I would rate this at 4 out of 5 stars. I would have given it 5 stars if not for battery issue (Forget the probe cable, its not a major concern, but the battery life is). Still its an excellent option as a good budget clamp meter.

Update: This clamp meter stopped working all of a sudden. Its not turning on. I am checking of places in India where I may be able to service this. Will update further.

Update2: Haven’t found anyone who could service this clamp meter. So I wouldn’t recommend buying this in India.

HaboTest HT206D Photo

Habotest HT206D

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