How to Choose a TV Stand or Equipment Rack

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Entertainment is serious business in today’s world and a home system requires a lot of decisions. Is the flat screen plasma TV worth it? How much sound equipment is needed? What’s the best premium TV provider? There are plenty of other accessories that might make up a media system as well, ranging from a Blu-ray player to a Nintendo Wii. Which room will be the entertainment room? Does it need to be soundproofed? These decisions are important when deciding what sort of media and entertainment system will provide optimal enjoyment.

As important as all those questions are there’s still one more key component to a true home entertainment system. There needs to be some place to put everything. A tv stand or equipment rack is the way to organize all these expensive electronics. One can’t just stack everything in a big pile, which could quickly break or overheat all those parts. Even though an equipment rack or TV stand might seem like a simple choice there are certain important questions to consider.

There are a few essential elements for a media equipment rack. Will it contain all the necessary components? Is a certain amount of extra storage space needed? Does it leave room for expansion? How does it fit into the home? Does it have the aesthetic appeal desired? Taking all of these questions into account will help ensure full satisfaction with both the setup for one’s equipment and will add to the full enjoyment of a home entertainment experience.

The first thing to consider is whether or not the equipment rack fulfills all necessary capacity requirements. If it only needs to contain a television and DVD player, a simple TV stand is all that’s needed. It just needs to be wide enough for the TV with a few inches to spare on either side. However, many people have other requirements. Most people need at least a space for a cable box, some sort of receiver. With all the content available on either cable or satellite TV, including premium channels, movie channels, sports packages, and more; it would be hard to have a complete entertainment setup without either cable or satellite. Most people have either a DVD or Blu-ray player that needs to fit into the equipment rack. There are also video game systems, used by kids and adults alike. A home entertainment center can always benefit from an Xbox 360 or a Nintendo Wii, although if one opts for the Wii they should make sure there’s enough space around for a bit of flailing! Another capacity issue is storage space: does the equipment rack need some sort of cabinet or shelving to contain DVD’s and video games?

There’s also the potential of adding a sound system to the mix. There are lots of different sound components that can contribute to an entertainment system, but can take up space in an equipment rack. There’s usually some sort of receiver to coordinate all sound components and receive radio. Other components can play CD’s, tapes, and MP3s. For the hipsters and for those with a bit of old school style what could be better than a record player?

Speakers are yet another consideration. If installing a speaker system, it most likely won’t need to fit on the entertainment rack and can probably be set up around the room to provide a surround sound experience. A set up like that will make it the most popular room in the house!

A lot of these components are a bit too pricey for most people to take on all at once. Many people accumulate their equipment over time, replacing parts whenever necessary. When purchasing an equipment rack it’s just important that it be versatile enough to accommodate some expansion. If considering a TV upgrade or another purchase, that should be considered when purchasing an equipment rack. Those with kids might want to consider a stand or rack that can be closed and locked in some way in order to protect all that expensive equipment.

Not only does the equipment rack need to fit all the components, it also needs to fit into the home. Will it be situated in a dedicated media room? Or will it go into a basement lounge area or living room? In a media room a big stand-alone rack is possible, but that setup might not fit as well in other rooms. To avoid taking up floor space it’s possible to have an entertainment rack built into a wall or closet. This can keep everything out of the way and out of sight if that’s desired. Certain TV’s, especially those nice plasma flat screens, are designed to be mounted onto a wall. A setup like that would be the perfect accompaniment for a basement lounge or bar area. Wall mounts can also hold up audio components like speakers, keeping them out of the way as well.

The aesthetics of a home equipment rack also need to be considered. Appealing equipment racks or TV stands can be a nice addition to the home. Does a wood or metal stand fit in better with surrounding decor? What sort of color scheme is appropriate?

It seems like a lot to consider when looking for a way to store media components. However, a good equipment rack is not only the best way to be organized but is also the best way to care properly for all these expensive components. Even the aesthetic aspect is a key one. Unattractive TV stands that don’t fit the decor of a house is an eyesore.

Once all this is taken into account, everything is prepared for an ideal media experience. So pull out that Blu-ray box set or put on a season of The Wire. Have a party blasting some new music over the sound system.

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