Is Fenphedra really a safe and effective weight-loss supplement?

In an earlier review, I had introduced Fenphedra. But my friends kept asking me – “Is Fenphedra really a safe and effective weight-loss supplement?”

This product claims to be a CART (Cocaine-Amphetamine-Regulatory-Transcript) activator and NPY (Neuropeptide Y) inhibitor.

Fenphedra Ingredients

* DiCaffeine Malate (200 mg)
* Chocamine TM (200 mg)
* Phenylethylamine (20 mg)
* Synephrine (20 mg)
* Humulus Lupulus (20 mg)

Does Fenphedra Work?

The first four ingredients are all pretty potent metabolic accelerators and certainly qualify as CART activators, which basically mean they help trigger the signal in your brain that makes you think you are full.

In order to suppress NPY, which is a major cause for appetite and fat-storage, Fenphedra throws in a concentrated hops extract which acts also as an anti-spasmodic and relaxes the muscles in the digestive tract.

Fenphedra Pros

* Dual Action CART activator and NPY inhibitor
* Quality ingredients

Fenphedra Cons

* Pricey, but most say it’s worth it.

Fenphedra Conclusion

I can say with confidence that this is a solid product and has a well-thought out strategy for weight loss with its dual-action formula. Fenphedra may seem a little pricey, but given its uniqueness, you may not be able to find it elsewhere and so it may be worth the bit extra.

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