Kannadippara, Kottayam – Spectacular viewpoint

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Kannadippara is located in Kottayam district, Kerala State, South India.

Its on the way towardsIllikkal Kallu. Many people visits Illikkal Kallu but most often don’t come to Kannadippara. Its a big loss for them.

This is the highest mountain peak in the Kottayam district where one can enjoy both sun rise and set clearly.

The view from the first viewpoint here is mesmerizing. You can see the hills throughout. There is a cool breeze. Up to this point, its easy to reach.

But beyond this, its a bit of a trek. So unless you know the way or don’t have a local guide, its better not to venture further.

But the trip will be worth it if you can go further. If go further you can see Kattikkayam Waterfalls.

Kannadippara Photos

Kannadippara, Kottayam

Kannadippara, Kottayam

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