Kingdom Web Series Review – Gripping Zombie Thriller

85 / 100

Kingdom is an Netflix original South Korean series. This is adapted from the web comic series “The Kingdom of the Gods”.

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The story is set in Korea’s Joseon period, tells the story of the Crown Prince Lee Chang who goes to find the truth of the rumors of his father’s illness and mysterious diseases that is happening in the country.

The first season consisting of 6 episodes was released in 25th Jan 2019, the second season also consisting of 6 episodes was released in 13th March 2020.

Kingdom Web Series – My Opinion

The series story written by Kim Eun-hee is a gem and the production is also of top quality (with each episode costing more than $1.78 million – more costly than some of the movies). This is a superb historical zombie drama with loads of action. They took a chance of telling the Zombie story in a historical way which is very novel. The action scenes are gripping and gruesome.

The zombies in this series is completely different than the ones that we usually see in the western series. The zombies here are fast – sprinters in fact. If you like the Korean movie like Train to Busan, then you will love this one too.

I rate this series 5 stars out of 5 stars.


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