Mare of Easttown Series Review – one of the best series of 2021

83 / 100

Mare of Easttown stars Kate Winslet as detective named Mare Sheehan in a small town of Easttown. Besides Kate, there is an excellent case consisting of Jean Smart, Guy Pearce, Julianne Nicholson, Angourie Rice, David Denman, Evan Peters, Sosie Bacon, John Douglas Thompson etc.

Mare of Easttown

Easttown is a place where everyone seems to know everyone (or they think they do….). She is investigating the murder of a teenage mom, but people aren’t sure if she is capable since she was unable to solve the missing case of another girl from a year ago.

As per my personal opinion, this is one of the best performances of Kate Winslet, do note that the entire cast is top class. This is not an action series, but more of a thriller series with some good story telling.

Mare of Easttown Trailer

Hope that HBO Max do a season 2 of this series. Please do checkout my other reviews.

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