Modern Tv’s Require Modern Furniture Solutions!

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If you update your tv, you may need to update your stand as well. Lcd tv stands save space, provide for greater storage, and are aesthetically more appealing.

1- LCD TV Stands Save Space!

Eventually, everybodys television becomes outdated or wears out. When you purchase a new LCD or Plasma tv it is important to get a stand that matches.

Nowadays tvs are getting bigger. Panasonic just released a 103 inch tv that costs around sixty thousand dollars. Most americans watch a 27-32 inch tv. However, when they upgrade to lcd or plasma they usually add on 6-12 inches. These larger tvs won’t usually fit on an older tv stand.

The good news is that lcd and plasma tv stands are made thinner because the tv is not as wide. The new designs allow you to save a lot of space.

You may want to consider putting an lcd television on your wall. If, however you choose this option you will also need some media storage space. Many people choose a tv stand for the convenient storage space.

2- How Much Storage Space Do I Need?

Lcd tv stands provide greater storage. Why? Because the tv doesn’t take up as much room.

We recommend getting a stand that can store all of your dvds. For most people, they will need at least four shelving compartments or drawers. Most people prefer a drawer or compartment with a translucent or glass face so they can see what dvds they are going to watch.

If you are a gamer (Wii, Xbox, Playstation) we recommend a separate compartment for the game console. In addition, you may enjoy having a separate drawer or compartment for video games.

Please keep in mind that you will accumulate more media over the years. You may want to consider purchasing more storage space than you have need right now or donate items on a frequent basis.

3- Aeshetic Appeal

New lcd and plasma tv stands have a more modern feel. They look cleaner and crisper than older televisions. The reason is because they are so thin. This is why most modern stands do not cover the television.

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