My Son had an Awesome Piss on my Laptop

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Guys I am not joking – My son had an awesome piss on my laptop. Literally he pissed on my laptop. This happened today.

My Son had an Awesome Piss on my Laptop

My son, Aarush Krishna is around 3 years and 6 months of age now. He does some weird little things. My mom and wife says that he is just like me (they feel that I also do some crazy stuff). Usually he doesn’t touch my things – my phone, laptop, papers etc. I thought that he either respects me or is shit scared of me. Well not anymore. This incident proves that he neither respects me nor is scared of me.

Today he had a bath from his mom, came to our room. I had put the laptop on the floor. He conveniently took a no:1 on the laptop, believe me – he had a huge space anywhere else to takeout his load, but he choose my laptop. I was below, my wife was shouting for me. I wasn’t sure what happened. I thought that he fell down or something. Then my wife told me what happened.

I wasn’t sure what my thoughts were – I was glad that my son was ok. He didn’t fell down or got ill. (He had just returned from he hospital the day before after having high fever, he had vomiting issue 2 weeks before, one month ago he was admitted due to high fever). So basically I was glad about his well being. But I was pissed that he pissed on my laptop. (But glad that he didn’t crap or shit on my laptop. He does shit around the house when he feels).

Piss on my Laptop – Solutions

I searched for solutions in the Google as usual. Apparently it seems that this is a regular thing. Apparently pets (cats, dogs and other animals that people keep as pets) pee or urinate on owner’s laptops, and sometimes even people pee or pass urine on other people’s laptop (and sometimes on their own).. Not just kids like mine but adult grown up people who either can’t hold their bladders or does it on purpose. Just Google if you don’t believe me.

So I shut down the laptop (oh it was working after being covered in urine), tilted it, let off all the urine I can. Then I unscrewed everything, removed the DVD drive, battery then the back cover. Then I took the blower on my vacuum cleaner and blowed hot air in the board and components inside it. Made sure that the entire laptop was dry. My laptop is HP 15AY089TU, which is a very low end one and doesn’t have any fans – so it makes things easier.

According to some people, its better if you rub alcohol in the board and parts after drying. I am not sure. Will need more research into this. Laptop and mobile companies should have some research published on this issue. As I said, this is not a one time thing, its happening everywhere. So anyways, after its dried I attached everything back and switched it on. Its working fine for now.

Piss on my Laptop – What I learned

So what did I learn from this – my son is a naughty one who isn’t scared of his father anymore. He was having a big smile while I was cleaning up his mess. He was just having an awesome time. My wife told me that he was specifically aiming for the laptop. We haven’t beaten him for this. I nagged him for this though. Will keep nagging and reminding him in the future when he asks for favors. Not letting go of this anytime soon.

Now my laptop is ok, but it smells.

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