Extreme Job Korean Movie Review – Hilarious Action

81 / 100

Extreme Job is one of the funniest movies that I have seen in recent times. This Korean movie will burst you up. Its about a team of undercover narcotics officers who are utterly incompetent (or they seem to be) – they are famous for spoiling even the simplest jobs.

They were looking into a major drug lord. His hideout was in front of a chicken restaurant which was about to go out of business because there are never any customers coming there for eating. So they bought the restaurant to keep watch over the drug lord.

Now the fun begins when the officers start cooking chicken and people find it very good and they goes viral. Soon they find themselves serving an unending stream of customers without having time to check on the criminals.

Extreme Job – Hilarious Action

For people who are watching Korean movies may find some stuff over the top – but it will keep you entertained. The story is ok. There are loads of twists and turns where you will find yourselves laughing your ass off. The action is good. The actors did their part well and the chemistry between them is nice to watch.


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