Nuiflash 128 GB Micro SD Card Review – Total Fake – Beware

86 / 100

I have bought a Nuiflash 128 GB Micro SD Card from This was the first time that I am ordering from Aliexpress. (the card turned down to be a big fake).. Don’t buy..

I had ordered it for a price of Rs. 777.75.

I had ordered one more item with this and applied the first time coupon to reduce the amount.

I had settled for the 128GB version since this is the maximum memory that is supported by my phone. I would have gone for the higher 256GB version had my phone supported it.

It was ordered on 31st Dec 2019 and it was received by me on 21st Jan 2019. So 21 days to reach me. It reached me locally via Indian postal service (which I think is far better than the other courier services in India).

Nuiflash 128 GB Micro SD Card Photos

I am including the photos of the product. In the case I have also received a micro SD to SD card adapter.

Nuiflash 128 GB Micro SD Card

Nuiflash 128 GB Micro SD Card

Nuiflash 128 GB Micro SD Card

Nuiflash 128 GB Micro SD Card

Nuiflash 128 GB Micro SD Card

So far I have checked the capacity and its showing that correctly in windows laptop and in android phone. This is supposed to be a Class 10 U3 card. I have only tested it basically. When copying files from my laptop to the micro sd card I am getting around 14 MB/s speed, on copying from micro sd card to laptop I am getting around 17 MB/s. I will further test it and update this.

It started showing issues soon as data storage got more than 32 gb. After 32 gb anything copied to the sd card is lost. So I suspect that this is a 32gb card which is faked to be a 128gb one. Since 15 days are over in Aliexpress, I won’t be getting a refund.

– Its Affordable (its utter crap though)..
– Warranty if present also, may not get replacement.
– This is a rather unknown brand for me. Never used it before.
– Fake card


I don’t know about the company or whether its products are good – The SD card that I have received is a fake…

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11 thoughts on “Nuiflash 128 GB Micro SD Card Review – Total Fake – Beware”

  1. Wow, thanks for the info, I almost fell for this fake product based on so many good reviews! Decided to do some research after I had also purchased a fake OSMR 128GB card a few months back that turned out to be about 16GB! Fortunately I found your article.

    1. hi. just in case you did not know there is a free program called H2test, it is so easy to use, you just put your SD card into your computer or laptop and choose which item you want testing, SD card, thumb drive, etc. the more gigabytes the longer it takes, but no more than a couple of hours, then when it is finished it will tell you exactly how much of your storage is usable and how much is fake, as soon as i buy any new storage item i always check it with this program, if it is fake i am emailing the seller the same day i receive it. saves a lot of money and time.

  2. Aliexpress if full of crap, and lots and lots of fake information and fake products. Like all China things it’s corrupt, Orwellian and evil…

    1. I don’t think that AliExpress is full of scam, but there are definitely some scam dealers (or shops) who will take your money. So you have to be extra careful while shopping there.

      1. I bought mine from Amazon and it is also fake!
        It looks different with different packaging & coloring.
        “Nuiflash 128 GB Micro SD Card”

  3. I also bought this nuiflash SD card but mine lasted weeks and not even up to a month
    I don’t think the problem is about the online deal, I think it about the SD card itself
    Mine was 32GB though and all of a sudden, my computer and phone stopped detecting it

  4. I wound up with a Nuflash 256 GB “Ultra” for free and have always had suspicions about actually using. After doing more research, I’m going to throw it away!

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