Prancing Horse

I am a big Ferrari fan, found this article on the net.

The ‘Prancing Horse’ is one of the most prominent and prestigious symbols in the automotive industry. When this symbol of a striking black stallion set against a yellow shield is branded on a sleek, new sports car, you automatically know that the vehicle is a high-performance ride that costs more than just a pretty paycheck or two. It’s as good as any VIP ticket to the hippest events and hotspots around town. Each car spells ‘exclusivity’ and ‘luxury’ better than any other sports car on the streets. And all its various Ferrari Parts are engineered to make the vehicle extra-powerful and super-fast.

How fast? How about a whopping 218 miles per hour (mph)? Impossible? With the 660 horsepower (hp) V-12 engine found in the Ferrari Enzo, it’s all too possible. And it’s not just speed that sets a Ferrari sports car apart from its competition either. Ferrari improves each vehicle model by using premium-quality Ferrari Parts made using the latest innovations in the automotive technology. Every single auto system is modified every year to improve the car’s performance’and this includes enhancements in the car’s safety components, accessories, braking system, and suspension. Each car’s sleek faade is also improved to reflect the changes made in the vehicle’s performance every year. This is why each Ferrari model looks just as incredible as it drives.

To keep a Ferrari performing like new, it requires regular vehicle maintenance and some modifications and enhancements to the car’s various auto systems. For these jobs, it’s always best to use OEM parts over just any aftermarket component.

Rumor has it that the founder of Ferrari suffered great disappointment at seeing his gorgeous, high performance cars become status symbol toys for those that appreciated the legend and the look far more than the precision engineering and unwavering commitment to superior performance that infused the design of each Ferrari car made. Ferrari parts are an important part of ensuring that your Ferrari continues to perform at the peak levels it was engineered to over the long term, and should always be the first choice in parts for maintenance and repair whenever possible. Known and recognized internationally for performance and quality, on the racecourse as well as on the highways and byways of the world, a Ferrari vehicle is worth the extra effort to use only parts made by Ferrari for Ferraris. It may be a little more expensive to use these parts exclusively, but the price difference today isn’t what it used to be, not with the ability to compare prices throughout the world and order parts via the Internet.

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