Resume Template

Many jobseekers like the idea of using resume templates in their resume writing. If used properly, a template can provide you with standardized layout and sections and can save you a lot of time, but it can also lead to some serious mistakes if used without caution.

Before you choose any template, you should decide which resume format you want to use: chronological, functional, or combination format. Each resume format has its own advantages and disadvantages, and works best in some specific situations. The template you are going to use should be comparable with your resume format. Image you are looking to change your career and your most recent work experience is not relevant to your target job, if you choose a chronological style template, you may have difficulty to structure an impressive resume to showcase your transferable skills.

Resume templates can help you in your resume writing, but you should not rely solely on they for layout, structure and content. Add or delete some sections based on your own needs. Remember resume is a marketing tool, whatever template you use, your should showcase all your selling points and they should be easily detected in your resume. The best way to use templates is to pick out several templates that you like, identify those good elements that might be helpful and them tailor them into your own resume.

Another possible disadvantage of using templates is that it limits your creativity and you may not be able to create a unique document that distinguishes from other resumes.

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