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Most guys don`t know a thing about buying a sexy lingerie or even a lingerie – I am no different.. lol

Seeking the assistance of Catriona MacKechnie, a famed New York intimates retailer, we`ve assembled this lingerie buyer`s guide to save you from buying a should-have-been-sexy-but-was-totally-unflattering piece of lingerie for your girl. Enjoy.

For the Girl With: A Large Bum

For the girl with a voluptuous backside, Catriona recommends a thong with some width to the back. This type of thong minimizes size by covering about 1/3 of her bum, making it appear smaller. The cut is still very sexy though, as it shows ample cheek and elongates the line of the leg.

Lingerie to Avoid: A full coverage brief is not flattering as it emphasizes the volume, making the bottom appear heavier.

For the Girl That’s: Pear Shaped

For the pear shaped girl, Catriona recommends a chemise with sheer lace cups emphasizing the breasts. The solid bottom portion of the chemise should be solid with a shape that skims the waist and becomes an A-line to hide larger hips, thighs, and bum.

Lingerie to Avoid: A brief that cuts straight across the front of the thighs and is very low on the thigh – it will shorten and widen the leg.

For the Girl With: Large Breasts

A full cup bra is good for ladies with larger breasts. Full cup bras provide great support and smooth lines under clothes (it won`t cut into the breast tissue). The low bikini brief ensures that the look is still sexy and young.

Lingerie to Avoid: Larger breasted women should avoid the demi cup, as it does not allow enough coverage or support for a fuller breast.

For the Girl With: A Large Tummy

For the girl with a slightly larger tummy, a very short babydoll and matching low brief will show off a great pair of legs while subtly covering up her tummy and hips.

Lingerie to Avoid: Panties that cut into the stomach will emphasize it, as will items that are too tight.

For the Girl That’s: Slim

Slimmer girls can compliment their frame with lingerie that is light, airy, and feminine – sheer models are a surefire sexy look.

Lingerie to Avoid: A slim girl can wear mostly anything when it comes to lingerie but she should avoid anything that is too large for her to avoid a “droopy” look.

For the Girl With An: Hourglass Figure

For the curvy woman, Catriona suggests a bustier. A soft boning in the waistline emphasizes curves while adding volume to the cleavage.

Lingerie to Avoid: A loose fitting item will make an hourglass woman look larger and shapeless.

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