Some Big Developments

These past few days have not been kind to me. I had blogged before attending a interview for PCS earlier. Last Friday I went to their client to attend the interview – I passed in the interview which was a practical test. The test was conducted by an officer (Mann Singh sir) and was supervised by Ranjith from PCS. Mr Sherry who is the HR head at PCS had asked me to join PCS on 16th of this month with a salary of 19K per month. I phoned my in charge at Accel Bejoy Sir about this. But we didn’t discuss this over the phone much. After coming back to Thrissur I discussed this matter with my friend Nikhil (who now works at Siemens Bangalore), Harish (CM of Accel, Kochi) and Seril (Area Manager Accel Southern Kerala). On Saturday morning I was not able to discuss about this with Bejoy sir because there was a meeting of Kerala divison. I was absolutely sad at the thought of leaving Accel after working here for 6 years. After the meeting I spoke with Bejoy sir and by this time I was in tears. After this I spoke with Damodaran sir (general manager of Accel). They are offering me and Paulson sir a position for Product head in Kerala with a salary hike.

Yesterday I had contacted Sherry of PCS about this. Today Riji sir (PCS), Mann Singh sir and Renjith called me.

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