St. Antony’s Church, Arimbur

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St. Antony’s Church is located in Kunnathangadi, Arimbur, Thrissur Dist, Kerala. Its located on the way from Thrissur town to Kanjany route. Its around 9 km from Thrissur town, around 13 km from Vadanappally.

The parish has a very long hitory. It comes under the Forane of St. Mary’s Nativity Forane Church, Kandassankadavu. The current church that we see was constructed in 1990.

Please check out the entire history of this church here in Malayalam.

Mass or Holy Qurbana Timings are as below.
Sunday: 06:30am, 08.30am,10.00am,6.00pm
Monday: 06:00am, 07:00am
Tuesday: 06:00am, 07:00am
Wednesday: 06:00am, 07:00am
Thursday: 06:00am, 07:00am
Friday: 06:00am, 07:00am
Saturday: 06:00am, 07:00am

Contact Phone No: 0487-2310187

Photos of St. Antony’s Church, Arimbur

Below are some of the pictures or photos of this church.

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