St. Antony’s Church, Punnamparambu, Machad

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St. Antony’s Church located in Punnamparambu, is one of the oldest churches in Machad, Thrissur district, Kerala. This church is around 18km from Thrissur town, around 8km from Wadakkanchery.

Photos of St. Antony’s Church, Punnamparambu, Machad

Below are some of the pictures or photos of this church.

There are a few buses running through this route from Thrissur to Wadakanchery. You can catch these from North bus stand, Thrissur. There are also buses from Wadakanchery to Punnmparambu. Also you can catch bus from Wadakanchery going to Vazhani dam, get down at Karumathra, and get an auto from there or walk from there.

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