St Antony’s Church Porathur, Alapad

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St Antony’s Church Porathur comes under the forane of St. Antony’s Forane Church, Pazhuvil. It’s located in Alapad, Thrissur district, Kerala state, South India.

The Church is around 15km from Thrissur (via Palakkal, Ammadam route), around 10km from Triprayar via Chazhur.

The old church was originally located in Porathur, not in Alappad center as it is now. The old church was destroyed in 1880 and people took permission from the king to construct a new church. But when the new church was constructed in 1886 , in Alapad, it took the old name of the old church which was located in Porathur.

The present church that we see was constructed in 2009.

You can see the entire history of the church here in Malayalam.

Holy Mass Timings

Sunday: 06:20am, 07:45am, 09:00am
Monday: 06:20am
Tuesday: 06:20am
Wednesday: 06:20am
Thursday: 06:20am
Friday: 05:15pm
Saturday: 06:20am

St Antony’s Church Porathur – Photos

St Antony's Church Porathur, Alapad

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