Telecom Companies to start Stealing again?

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Telecom companies are now about to hike the prices or tariffs in India from Dec 2019. The price increase can be upto 42%. Now thats massive.

Telecom Companies – Vodafone Idea, Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio

These are the three major players in India. Basically there is no one else. Vodafone and Idea had to merge in order to beat the price set by Jio.

Basically before Reliance introduced Jio, we Indians were paying around Rs. 150 for 1GB of data. Basically they were stealing from us. They were making millions per year. The call rates and data rates in India were some of the highest in the world. Basically Jio got rid of this scam but in the process (please check out my Jio review) – some of the smaller operators were bankrupted.

After Jio introduced their plans, Airtel and VIL had to change their plans to match the prices. This was good for Indians. The prices dropped.

Now the telecom companies have been crying for some time that they are loosing money big time. (But somehow they always have more than enough money to advertise in TV’s, internet and every available media).

Now from Dec 2019 onwards they are hiking the prices. What they have done in the past 2 years they made us Indians highly dependent on our smartphones by offering us loads of data. Now we can’t live without our smartphones and huge data speeds and bandwidth. So now increasing the prices – we people can’t go back to living with feature phones and have to keep on using our smartphones. Now we have to pay them whatever they say.

Otherwise we have to go back to the stone age..

Update: All of them have increased their prices. I am using Airtel. I was using the 399 plan earlier – 1.4GB data/day, 100SMS/day for 84 days. Now the comparative plan – 1.5GB/day, 100 SMS/day for 84 days cost 598. Its a 50% increase from the previous price.

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