WordPress site poisoned with Malware

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This wordpress site was ridden with malware. I didn’t realize it first. The site was working fine. There was a high bounce rate in Google Analytics. I didn’t realize until Adsense and some other plugins showed issues. One of my other plugins also connects to its server and it was showing problems.

The problem was that whenever a user comes from Google or a search engine to my website, they are being redirected to a pharma website. I didn’t realize this first until I searched for my site in Google. Fortunately my site wasn’t blacklisted by Google for SEO scam.

At first I thought that it might be some of my plugins or themes which might be causing the issue. So I disabled all plugins, changed themes. But the issue remained.

I tried installing Wordfence plugin, but the scan wasn’t working. Then I tried Malcure plugin which was able to run the malware scan, found several suspicious files, but seemed unable to clean it up.

Wordpress Wordfence Anti Malware Plugin

Wordpress Malcure Anti Malware Plugin

My Malware Solution

I don’t know what I did is technically the right thing to do. In my dashboard, went to updates (wp-admin/update-core.php) and simply did a reinstall.

After reinstall Wordfence was able to run the malware scan again and it easily found the possible files which was infected and cleaned it up.

I hope that this helps people out there.

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