Thrissur Pooram was Nice

Yesterday was Thrissur Poram and I was too busy to blog. I had a nice time. Last year there was Anish with me during the pooram. This year he is very busy with his work at Syndicate bank.

This time it was mostly me and my cousin Adarsh. We were a bit late this time. That was because I had to go to Accel to get the notices to be distributed. So we when we reached near the pooram we were much later than we expected. But we enjoyed the small poorams in the morning. We also went to see Paramekkavu Bhagavathi getting out. After that we went home and came back to see the famous Kuda Mattam. It as usual was really good. This time Paramekkavu division had some strong stuff at the end.

In the morning we again came to see the fireworks. – this time Amal Raj, another good friend of mine was with us. The fireworks was better than last year’s but no match for the famous ones like Nemmara Vallangi or Uthralikkavu or Anthimahakalan Kavu.

Today I was at office the entire time and I didn’t go to see the pooram like last year but I did see the closing fireworks from the top of mu office.

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