Tiny File Manager review – superb PHP based file manager

83 / 100

Tiny File Manager is perhaps the best free open source PHP web based file manager available right now. I have been using this for quite some time now and I have fallen head over heels for this one.

About Tiny File Manager

Tiny File Manager is the brain child of Prasanth Mani – a Bangalore based web developer. Prasanth Mani
This is the photo of that dude which I came across GitHub.

I was having some issues with the file manager in the Cpanel of my current hosting. FTP was also showing issues while connecting from my IP. So I was looking into an alternative and came across this one.

As the name suggests, its pretty tiny – just one single php file that you need to upload to your website or server. But there is nothing tiny about its features. It can match or beat the features provided by the best of the web based file managers available (better than some of the paid ones also).

The requirements are pretty simple. You need PHP 5.5.0 or higher. If your server supports zip, unzip functions then this also be supported.

It can copy, move, upload, download, rename files. Create, delete folders. You can upload from your local system or from a remote url. You can backup multiple files/folders as zip.

The built in code editor is simply great. Usually I used the editor in Cpanel before. But now I am quite fond of the code editor built in Tiny File Manager.

It uses a lot of CDN’s (jQuery, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Highlight js, ace js, DropZone js, ekko-lightbox js, and DataTable js) to make the script compact and fast.

I also love the fact that the developer is continuously developing the project and people are helping him out with the code. You are very likely to see features being added weekly and problems being found, solutions also being found for those problems.

I am rating this as 5/5 (5 stars)

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