Went to Anthimahakalan Kavu, Chelakkara

Yesterday (26.03.2011) I went to Anthimahakalan Kavu, Chelakkara for the Vela. I wasn’t alone, I went with my friend and coworker Devaraj. We started from Accel, Thrissur at about 4:30 PM. We reached there at about 6:00PM – we were a bit late because of railway gate at Vadakkanchery. When we reached there most of the festivities are almost over – but we were on time for the big one – the fireworks. There were two fireworks – one at about 7:00PM and another at about 8:00PM – both were pretty powerful. We enjoyed them. Then we got back to home. I dropped off Devaraj at Vadakkanchery on the way. I reached home about 9:20 PM.

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