Went to Peruvanam Pooram

Yesterday (15-03-2011), I went to Peruvanam pooram.. I really enjoyed it. I went from my home at about 5:30 PM. I reached Peruvanam at about 6:00PM. First I went to get the blessings from the lord. Then I went on to see the pooram at its best. The acoustics out there is superb. You will find yourselves dancing to the music – whether its Pandi Melam or Panchari melam. I am normally a big fan of Pandi melam but here I was immersed in Panchari melam. I also got to see some old friends and make new friends. I went back to my home at about 10:00PM. I really wanted to stay there for more time – but I had promised that I would come early to home. That is before 11:00 PM..lol..

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