Went to Pondicherry

I have went to Pondicherry to visit the Acer Factory. I had booked the bus the day before for Rs 1300. I started from my office and traveled to the Kallada office (travel agency) near Edapally toll booth via auto (the auto travel cost me Rs 100). From there I got the bus to Pondicherry at about 6pm. On the way we had dinner at near Kuzhalmannam, Palakkad. Reached Pondicherry at about 5 am – The bus stopped at new bus stand and I went to the lodge suggested by my collegue Ajeesh using auto (cost me Rs 70). But rooms were not available. So I went to another lodge nearby. (This lodge has a fee of Rs 800 for a day). I had a bath and slept for sometime. I had messaged Vijay of Acer systems that I have arrived in Pondicherry. So I got the reply back at about 8am that he would be in office at about 9am. So I got up and went to the factory using auto. This cost me Rs 350 since its a bit far away. Upon reaching the acer factory, I found that Vijay has not yet reached office, so I went out to have breakfast on a small hotel nearby. Cost me just Rs.16 for 3 iddli’s and a vada. So far the best thing happened to me as the food was good and the cost was cool. I went back to the factory to check the problem we are facing. We rectified the issue – but more through checkup was required. So its decided that I have to get the system to hyderabad for testing. So I got back to new bus stand, booked a bus to hyderabad, went to my lodge via auto (another Rs.70), had a bath, packed my things and got back to the Kishneni travel agency office via auto (another Rs.70).

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