A Palakkad Trip – a Pennu Kaanal Chadangu turned into an Awesome Palakkadan Journey

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This Palakkad Trip just came out of nowhere for us. Today we had went to see a would be bride for my friend Harish VP, who is currently divorced. This pennu kaanal chagangu (Bride Seeing) went haywire as the lady refused to see my friend.

Harish turned out to be happy with this incident as he is living a very enjoyable bachelor life now. Meanwhile his so called friends – that’s Sarath, Amal Raj, and me are having a not so enjoyable married life.

So my friend Sarath had called the lady’s parents day before and arranged the meet and we basically forced him to go with us to Palakkad.

A Palakkad Trip – The Start

We started our journey with all of us meeting at Sarath’s place. Harish came in his Tata Nano car.

So as a bachelor, he was very sad to start our journey from Thrissur. He prayed at the Kuthiran temple (probably to make sure that this meet goes wrong). I was driving the car from Thrissur like a madman, trying to reach Palakkad as fast as possible.

So after the Pennu Kannal went out of our way, Harish gloom was back to joy (him thinking of enjoying his bachelor life), while the rest of us went from joy to gloom (we thinking about him enjoying his bachelor life and us trapped in married life).

At this moment, I wasn’t in any mood to drive anymore, went to the back of the car (trying to sleep), but Harish was jovious and wanted to drive.

A Palakkad Trip – The Turning Point

Now things went from pennu kannal chadangu to more of a adventure trip. We thought that we aren’t going back without a win on our side. We went to see the Wind Farm at Kanjikode, then went to have a wild ride to see the Catchment area of Malampuzha dam and also went to visit the dam finally.

A Palakkad Trip - Paddy Fields

By the time it was over, we reached back at Thrissur after 6pm.

The Tata Nano car despite its various issues and problems is still winning our hearts with our journey in it..

A Palakkad Trip - Harish's Tata Nano car

The above is a shot of the car in the catchment area of Malampuzha dam..

And we are more determined than ever to end Harish’s bachelor life. He is enjoying life a bit too much these days..

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