Thrissur Pullu Paddy Fields – Enchanting Beauty

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Thrissur Pullu Paddy Fields is basically a part of larger Kole Wetlands spread across Thrissur district, Kerala. These low lying fields are famous for large scale paddy cultivation and contribute a major share of rice to the state’s food reserve.

In monsoon season, these paddy fields are filled with water – will be transformed in to a huge water body much like a lake which resembles the backwaters of Kuttanad. So its also locally known as Kuttanad of Thrissur.

This place is a destination for migratory birds and other rare birds. A must visit for Bird Watchers. For them, its better to come in mornings or day time when people are not there and is more easier to watch the birds.

Its also a very good location for those who are interested in fishing..

This is an enchantingly beautiful place with paddy fields stretching to the far distance all around you on both sides of the road…a sight not to be missed and an experience to remember.

The best time to visit with family is in the evening – around 2 hours before sunset. Sunset is highlight of this place. Its breath taking.

Shot of Pullu Paddy Fields

This was taken by me on a visit on 19th July 2020.
Thrissur Pullu Paddy Fields

Do note that there are only limited facilities available here – just a few local shops providing food and refreshment.

Please be careful during heavy rainy season – some parts will be isolated, the road gets flooded with water and if it’s dark then its almost impossible to guess the edge of the road on either sides.

Reaching here is easy with two side approach from Thrissur – can reach here via Koorkanchery or via Mankody. Do visit Pullu Paddy fields if you haven’t yet.

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