AliExpress Guaranteed Savings Discounts and Coupons

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AliExpress is becoming one of the biggest online sites in the world. Its the retail division of Alibaba (which is a wholesale store where you need to buy in bulk – for a normal consumer like us, we won’t be able to purchase the products in bulk – but it would be good for a large distributor).


AliExpress $19 Coupons for New Users

If you have not registered in the site before, then use this link – it will give you $19 in coupons which you can save while ordering.

Do note that you may not get the $19 in a single purchase. Usually the coupons can be used like $2 discount for $15 purchase, $6 discount for $65 purchase, $8 discount for $65 purchase etc.

My Experience

Delivery is going to take some time. Don’t expect overnight delivery. It might take days or even weeks to reach you.

The site acts like a middleman. There are same product available from different shops within the site with different prices. You need to search for them properly and find the best price and the better shop.

There are some lesser known brands which will give you the same item for a far lesser price.

Only buy from Reputed Stores with good feedback. There are several stores which are created just to sell one or two crappy products – these stores will give out the fake products and will disappear once they get the profit.

Once you get the product, don’t give your feedback until you fully evaluate the product. Sometimes some products might turn out to be fake or not working properly after some days – so take some time, check it out and if there is an issue, open a dispute with the necessary proof (both video and images).

If you open the dispute in time with enough proof, you will get your money back. If you don’t open the dispute in time the site won’t accept your request.

Additional Discount or Promo Codes

I will also be posting promo codes that you can use for additional savings. These codes needs to be entered while purchasing (after adding to the cart).

These codes can be used only for first time users – gives you a $3 discount on your first purchase.

These codes might work for old users – provides a $2 discount while purchasing for above $15. They did work for me before, but not now – please do try it out. No harm in trying.

If any of you have any working promo codes with you, please post them in the comments below so that everyone can benefit.

I will keep updating this article as soon as I get more experience with AliExpress.

Do check for my site for my reviews of products bought from AliExpress

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  1. Hi, I Always buy fancy branded items from AliExpress. I can use coupons from Saveplus when paying the bill, which saves money on my orders. Thank you

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