Ethai Beach – a hidden attraction of Thrissur

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Ethai Beach as per me is one of the hidden beach attractions in Thrissur district.

Its around 26km from Thrissur town, via Vadanappally – Ethai.

The beach is very easy to reach on a 2 wheeler or even an auto.

You can ride your bike or scooter right next to the beach or even on the pulimuttu.

But if you are coming by 4 wheeler, you have to park around 500 meters away as there is a small bridge to cross across the river.

4 wheelers won’t be able to cross this narrow bridge.

So you need to park your cars in the parking ground near the bridge and walk for around 10 min to the beach.

This beach is opposite to the MunakkaKadavu Beach which is seperated by Karuvannur river flowing to the sea.

While there is only one groyne or pulimuttu on the MunakkaKadavu, on this side – there are multiple ones.

The longest groyne is the one near to the river.

I found the longest groyne is the one easiest to walk across to the very end.

This is pretty much a secluded beach.

The sunset here is beautiful, perfect for photograhers.

The pulimuttu and the surrounding area are perfect for fishing enthusiasts.

The best time will be to come in the evening to watch the sunset or enjoying the beach with family or go fishing.

Ethai Beach – Photos

Ethai Beach Thrissur

Ethai Beach Thrissur

Ethai Beach Thrissur

Ethai Beach Thrissur

Ethai Beach Thrissur

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