Heavy Trip 2018 Movie Review – Delightful Comedy

86 / 100

Heavy Trip (Hevi Reissu) is a 2018 Finnish movie about Turo (Johannes Holopainen), his buddies Lutvonen (Samuli Jaskio), Jynkky (Antti Heikkinen) and Pasi (Max Ouaska) have been friends since childhood in their remote Northern Finnish village, who had formed a heavy metal band. They are misfits in society, but they bond together for their love of heavy metal.

Heavy Trip 2018 Movie Poster at IMDB

They haven’t performed live anywhere, they just play in their lair. They only had played covers of other bands. Turo is absolutely scared of performing live.

There are loads of laughable moments in this movie.

Heavy Trip – My Opinion

If you are a fan of heavy metal music, you will love this movie. Even if you are not a fan of heavy metal, still you are going to enjoy this one. I loved the movie, even though I am not a metal fan.

I would rate this as 4.5 stars out of 5.



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