Muneeswaran Kunnu – a Holy and Breathtaking location

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Muneeswaran Kunnu is located in Wayanad district, Kerala State, South India.

This is a magnificent spot in Mananthavady from where you can witness the entire town from a panoramic view. It is situated 13 kilometres away from Mananthavady with a distance of 2 kilometres to Thalappuzha.

The road to the top of the hill is a bit steep. Your bike or car wil l get you to near the top. But bigger vehicles won’t be able to make it. So you may need to take a walk up the hill.

There are some refreshments on the way like some local shops.

The best time to visit here will be morning (for the sunrise) or evening (for sunset) for spectacular view. During midday it will be a bit hot – but the views are thrilling none the less.

There are two sides – the entry to temple is free. But for the viewpoint, its fenced and there is time restriction and entry fee.

It opens at 7am, closes at 6pm and fee is 45 for adults and 25 for children.

The facilities on the top are limited, there are some benches where we can sit and enjoy the view.

The hill is named after the local deity, Muneeswaran and as I said before, features a small temple dedicated to the god, making it a spiritual destination as well.

Muneeswaran Kunnu – Photos and Videos

Muneeswaran Kunnu

Muneeswaran Kunnu

Muneeswaran Kunnu

Muneeswaran Kunnu

Muneeswaran Kunnu

Do bookmark this location if you are visiting Wayanad. Also check out my travels.

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