My mom is devastated

As most of you guys know, I had resigned my job in Accel IT Academy last march (31st march 2012 being my last working day at Accel). I had (still have) plans of starting a small firm of my own. It hasn’t worked out due to several issues.

My mom was physically in a bad shape from around Jan – from the time I was in hospital for my knee surgery. I recovered to get back to my legs and went back to work in three weeks. But by that time, my mom’s condition had gone from bad to worse. We went for her treatment at an Ashramam near Mulamgunnathukavu. So what I did at that time was to get up early before 4:30 AM, have my exercises (a jog and then exercises for my legs), have a bath – then take her to the ashramam and get back to Thrissur railway station to catch the Chennai Aleppey train to Kochi. In most days I was not able to catch the train because there is a railway gate in between the route from the ashramam. In most days I was not even able to catch the Guruvayoor passenger train just after this train. Also those days, I was back home pretty late (at around 9 PM). Luckily someone at the ashramam will take my mom back to Thrissur every evening. Most of my sleep was in trains at that time. lol.. At home I had barely time to sleep.

One of the factors for my resignation was my moms condition. There was no way for me to have a transfer back to Thrissur. So I had hoped to setup something as soon as I resign. And this has not worked out so far. Even though my online presence has increased quite a lot with my sites like,, etc, my offline stuff is not going anywhere.

My mom is no longer going to the ashramam because the medicine costs are pretty high. Now both of us are consulting a govt ayurvedic doctor who lives nearby. She is having difficulty walking because of pain in her knees. Even though I am getting offers for jobs from outside Kerala, I have no intention of going because I have no intention of leaving mom at this condition.

Now even though she tells all my friends that its me who is devastated, I am pretty much OK physically and mentally. I drive myselves so that all my web sites are working in peak condition. I have no issues that I am still a bachelor. lol.. I am happy that way. But my mom isn’t – she is pretty much upset that I may never get married as my age (32 years) is pretty much above the standards set by the community. The only thing I am upset is about my mom’s condition and my dream of starting a firm not seeing the daylight till now.

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