Paniyeli Poru – beautiful but deadly

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Paniyeli Poru is water cascade or rapids which is loacted in Paniyeli village in Eranakulam district, Kerala State, South India.

Its around 21 km from Perumbavoor, around 54 km from Vytilla, and around 74km from my home town Thrissur.

If you are living in Eranakulam, then Paniyeli Poru is a must visit destination.

The name Poru – which means ‘fight’ in Malayalam – was derived from the old custom of raftsmen fighting with the unruly currents and deep vortexes to sail out from the area. Only highly skilled raftsmen were able to sail through the unruly water here.

This area is under the Kerala State Forest Department, there is a small entry fee. Please note that the entry time is between 8am and 4pm, no plastic materials are allowed, you will have to pay extra for plastic materials which will be reimbursed when you return with it, there is another charge for cameras.

There is a small walking from the entrance to the cascade. There are some small tea shops and ice cream parlors on the way.

There swings on the way and tree house near the rapids which are fun.

On reaching the cascade, there are guards there whom you can ask where you can enter the water. The areas which you are not allowed to enter are clearly marked – please don’t go to these areas as the under currents are very strong and its a death trap. People have died here.

So only enter into places which are safe. If you wish to bath in the river, you should carry extra clothes and towels with you. There are also toilet facilities in case you need to change clothes after having a bath.

The best time to visit Paniyeli Poru is in the Nov to May time.

Pictures of Paniyeli Poru

Paniyeli Poru

Paniyeli Poru

Paniyeli Poru

Paniyeli Poru

Paniyeli Poru

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