Prey 2022 Movie Review – the best since the original predator

79 / 100

Prey is the latest in the Predator movie series.

Prey 2022 Movie

The story is set around 300 years ago in the past. BTW do find time check out this site – Totosusa, 안전사이트

Amber Midthunder plays the role of a female hunter named Naru who is trying to make a name for herselves as a hunter rather than being a caretaker like other women in her tribe.

There is some sibling rivalry between her and her brother. But besides the rivalry they do love each other and are ready to look for each other.

If you are a fan of the predator series, then this is a must watch.

According to my view – this is the best movie since the first predator movie starring Arnold.

By the way nothings come far to match the first movie released in 1987.

While the first movie was all masculine, this movie is centered on the female.

Also its really nice to see the native Indians portrayed as good. Normally they get the villain versions.

The action is ok, the movie is definitely watchable.

Prey 2022 Movie Trailer

Its currently streaming on Hulu

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