Thallumaala 2022 Movie Review – you will either love it or hate it

78 / 100

Thallumaala is one of the exiting entries in the Mayalayam film industry. Tovino Thomas plays the main protagonist with Kalyani Priyadarshan as the lead actress.


This is a fun filled action entertainer. This is like a Malabar model fight club sort of movie.

There is no particular story and whatever story there is – its pretty non linear. Its just all fights and some music in between.

Personally I liked the movie as a whole, it was fun watching it with my friends. I loved the action sequences.

I didn’t like the music though. I just couldn’t get my mind on it.

But this movie may not be everyone’s cup of tea. You may either love it or just hate it.

Tovino shines when he is is a comedy/action role. Kalyani is ok. The rest of the cast is pretty good.

But the star for me is Shine Tom Chacko – this dude is on a different level. These recent years whatever roles he has taken, he is lived through them onscreen.

Thallumaala Movie Trailer

Its currently streaming on Netflix

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