Rank Math WordPress Plugin Review – The Best SEO plugin?

82 / 100

Rank Math is perhaps the best free SEO plugin available right now for wordpress. This plugin is the right choice for advanced users who knows the inside out of wordpress.

Rank Math WordPress Plugin Review

If you are not an advanced user, I would suggest you to try out Slim SEO. Its very easy to use.

Now whatever you do in your site, please do note that Content is King, there’s nothing to replace good content. No matter what you do, you won’t get users to your site without the essential content.

Now coming to the topic in hand, many of you will be probably using Yoast or All in One SEO for WordPress. No doubt that these are good plugins for SEO, but Rank Math has features to top most of them.

If you are already using the paid or pro version of Yoast, you could continue with that. But if you are using the free version, its severely limited to just one keyword for a blog, you need the pro version for more keywords.

I too was using Yoast earlier, quite accidentally came in contact with Rank Math. Its quite easy to import all the settings from other SEO plugins like Yoast, AIO, SEOPress etc into this.

When you are writing a blog post the plugin just tells us whats important like the keyword that we chose matches up with heading, whether its present in the url, content, in headings (like h2, h3, h4), in alt of images, whether we are linking to external resources and also linking to other pages of our own site.

Mind you these simple things make a good impression on the search engine. But it goes way beyond that to improve our SEO.

Advantages of Rank Math

– Easy to Setup – there is a step by step installation/configuration process
– Rich Snippets Integration
– More Keywords than other free plugins
– Google Search Console Integration
– Advanced SEO Analysis Tool
– Breadcrumbs
– XML Sitemap – has a built in site map generator, so no need of a separate plugin.
– Excellent customer support – mainly in their forum, also in their facebook page and in wordpress.org
– Free… The plugin developers does have a premium site – mythemeshop.com – which provides a lot of paid themes and plugins. But hopefully they will keep this one completely free.

Disadvantages of Rank Math

– You will need to register a free account at their site to get the full advantages of the plugin. But as long as its free, what’s the issue??
– It may not be the lightest SEO plugin (I would still give that prize to Slim SEO), but its still lighter then the rest of them.


If you are obsessed with WordPress and SEO, and is comfortable to make a good blog post then this is the plugin for you. Like I said before – without good content you won’t get anywhere, but with good content and a good plugin like this one, you will get into the top of the search engines.

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