Went to Kuttiyankavu and Viyyoor

71 / 100

Today so far I had a fantastic day – had a great sleep in the morning and in the afternoon I went to Kuttiyankavu Bhagavathy Temple and Viyyoor Manalarukavu Temple. First I went to see the day fireworks at Kuttiyankavu Bhagavathy Temple, Athani. It was nice. Then I raced back to Thrissur and on the way I stopped at Manalarukavu Temple, Viyyoor. There I fond my feet tapping to the Pandi Melam conducted by Peruvanam Kuttan Marar. Hope that this year I could see most of the festivals at Thrissur and beyond.

Update: Since there is issue of fireworks, unless there is permission granted for fireworks, there won’t be any. In 2020 there was no fireworks in Kuttiyankavu..

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