Went to see 36th Thrissur Flower Show and Lourde Palli Pernunal

Last Saturday, we went to see the flower show being held at Thrissur. Mom was sad that she was not able to see it earlier, so we had to take her. The entrance ticket was Rs.20, which may be a little high. There are loads of stuff to shoot and unfortunately my camera ran out of juice. Still I got enough shots – you can see those shots on mobile shots. We had some Inji Mitai (Ginger Candy) from a stall inside. After that we went home, earlier plan was to go directly to Lourde Palli, but I had to change the plan since I need to recharge my camera. I am thinking of buying one spare battery. My mom and my missus went outside to see the ampu nearby. After recharging my camera battery, we went to Lourde Palli, this time I insisted we walk to the church. I wasn’t sure there would be parking space. My mom was a bit furious, but she agreed finally. This was a big mistake from my side. There was enough parking space for cars inside the church compound by the time we arrived in the church. Now this means that my mom will be criticizing about me making her walk to everyone she meets for some days to come. Since the church is undergoing some big reconstruction work, there isn’t the usual decorations inside. After that we went back home – after reaching home, I took my missus on my bike and went out to show most of the ampu parties nearby. We finally reached the church, had two ice creams each. We ran out of money otherwise we would have had more. Here are the shots of the Perunal that I have posted at mobile shots.

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